Wise is now an accredited living wage employer

Posting date: 26/2/24

Wise is committed to fair and ethical employment practices and dedicated to providing our employees with a fair wage that meets the basic cost of living.

That’s why we’ve officially become accredited by the Living Wage Foundation (LWF) in the UK, confirming our commitment to provide a real living wage to all employees. 

What does this mean for employees of Wise? 

Wise already pays the real living wage to all employees - including apprentices and third party contractors such as our cleaners and security staff. This accreditation formally demonstrates that we pay employees fairly. We will continue to carry out regular checks and make updates if there are any changes to the living wage rates. 

Living wage versus national living wage

The living wage calculated by the LWF is different from the UK national living wage and minimum wage, which are set by the government. 

The LWF living wage is independently set and offers London and non-London living wage rates, so it’s truly reflective of the living wage for where you live and work.

Wise pay reviews

We frequently review all of our pay bands, taking into account local market conditions, inflation and other economic factors to ensure Wisers are paid fairly, competitively and adequately for the roles they carry out.

Transparent pay bands

At Wise, fairness is at the heart of what we do and we believe that alongside committing to a fair wage at Wise, transparency is also key. We communicate our pay bands to Wisers and include the pay ranges in our job adverts. By making our pay bands transparent and not hidden, we align our reward approach to our values as a business and enable a workplace culture based on fairness, trust and openness.

By making our pay bands more transparent, we create a workplace culture based on fairness, trust, and openness, ultimately contributing to the long-term success and sustainability of the organisation.

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