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Job Description

We're looking for a full-time Full Stack Developer to join our growing team in Singapore. The role is a unique opportunity to build beautifully simple experiences that guide our customers through Wise, helping them to live, travel and work without borders.

How you’ll be contributing to our Engineering team: 

  • Help us take Wise to the next level as we scale to impact 100's of millions more customers. You'll hide away all complexities under the hood of our product and build seamless experiences for our customers
  • Working on the core flow of Wise, you'll ensure our customers get the best experience even when things don’t go as planned by building self service solutions, automating the resolution and building efficient tooling for our Operations team.
  • Create clear and helpful interfaces, whilst maintaining consistency, maintainability, performance and an understanding of what problems our customers might encounter along the way
  • Take initiative to identify and solve important problems. Coordinates with others on cross-cutting technical issues
  • Drive product improvement that impacts the Wise customer experience or empowers internal stakeholders (teams like Operations, Customer Support, Finance, etc.) to do their job effectively
  • Proactively identify and tackle technical debt becoming too big through planning work and aligning team. Does this with careful evaluation of additional cost on development

What you can expect as an Engineer at Wise: 

We don't measure seniority by years of experience, but by your level of impact. As a Software Engineer at Wise, you would be given the licence to:

  • Consistently seek out and deliver on product level vision, tasks and problems
  • Actively assist in scoping and executing most impactful work for the team
  • Regularly deliver large features and product improvements that have a meaningful impact on Wise product and customers
  • Embrace long-term ownership of projects while training others to reduce the bus factor or becoming a blocker
  • Architect and design services/systems using design patterns that allow for iterative delivery and future scaling
  • Communicate and collaborate across functions like product, analytics and design as required
  • Lead or significantly contribute to medium to large (8-16 engineering weeks) sized projects

To get the best view of what we expect at all levels of our engineering team, you can take a look at our Engineering Career Map.

This role will give you the opportunity to:

🧭 Choose your path to impact – we believe people are most empowered when they can act autonomously. So rather than telling you what to do, you’ll work with your team to create a vision of your own. Of course, you can always gather feedback from smart, curious people across Wise but you’ll have the freedom to make your own calls

🏡 Be flexible in how and where you work, we understand everyone needs a little something different so we’ll do our best to make it happen

🗺 Travel (when things get back to a new normal) to work with our teams in Asia and Europe as well as meet various partners and organizations when needed

💡 Inspire teams with your ideas, knowledge and self-starting attitude


What does it take?:  

  • You approach your work with a strong product mindset and passion for user experience, you prioritise work with the customers in mind and  make data-driven decisions to fix customer pain-points
  • You have great communication skills and can articulate complex, technical concepts to non-technical audience
  • You enjoy writing testable code and believe in Test Driven Development
  • You believe in and follow best coding practices, code reviews and open feedback
  • You provide technical guidance and mentorship to junior and mid-level developers 
  • You have solid Java 13 plus knowledge and experience with Spring framework
  • You have front end experience with one of JavaScript frameworks like React, Angular, or other
  • You have experience working with relational and non-relational databases, query optimisation and designing schema
  • You are familiar with Continuous Delivery Approach mindset

…but don’t worry we don’t expect you to know everything!

Some extra skills that would be great:

  • You have solid Java 13 plus knowledge and experience with Spring framework
  • You have experience with financial systems
  • You have knowledge of PostgreSQL, advanced types and query features
  • You know your way around event driven architecture
  • You have some Groovy experience
  • Perhaps you have experience with machine learning or other data driven development experience 

What the first six months in this role will look like:

  • You’ll have onboarded and found your place through understanding your team and tribe vision and how you can contribute
  • Understanding the Wise domain (Fintech) and team specific domain (the problems they’re solving form, intricacies of the domains) (50+ eng teams, all have different domain specific topics, they’re grouped in tribes e.g. Crime Fighting (Fraud, AML), but they’re very different)
  • Understanding tech culture: how we build stuff, specific details on the tech stack (in our autonomous teams, teams do lots of different things and work on different stacks so need to understand details)
  • You’ll have deployed / gone through the entire lifecycle of a microservice on your own
  • Gone through two quarterly plannings and proposed a few ideas to take your product further 

Additional Information

👀 How we work - a practical guide

🔮 A Guide to Engineering Organisation at Wise

💻 The TransferWise Tech Stack, 2020 edition

📈 Our Engineering career map

...or check out our Engineering blog.

We’re people without borders — without judgement or prejudice, too. We want to work with the best people, no matter their background. So if you’re passionate about learning new things and keen to join our mission, you’ll fit right in.

Also, qualifications aren’t that important to us. If you’ve got great experience, and you’re great at articulating your thinking, we’d like to hear from you.

And because we believe that diverse teams build better products, we’d especially love to hear from you if you’re from an under-represented demographic.

For everyone, everywhere. We're people building money without borders  — without judgement or prejudice, too. We believe teams are strongest when they are diverse, equitable and inclusive.

We're proud to have a truly international team, and we celebrate our differences.
Inclusive teams help us live our values and make sure every Wiser feels respected, empowered to contribute towards our mission and able to progress in their careers.

If you want to find out more about what it's like to work at Wise visit Wise.Jobs.

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